This year membership renewal is being done remotely. There are several different ways you can do it:

Pay by Cheque: you can send us a cheque made out to “Newtown Linford Ex-Servicemans Club” for the amount of £25.00 per membership. You must write your membership number on the back of the cheque and name if it is different to the name of the payee.

Pay by Card over the phone: You can pay by credit or debit card over the phone. The phone number is 01530 244012. The telephone will be manned on Friday 9th January 10am till 2pm and Monday 11th, 18th and 25th January 11am till 3pm. Please email if you need to call at an alternative time.

Bank Transfer: You can transfer £25.00 per membership directly from your bank to ours. You must use your membership number as the reference number, if you forget to do this we might not be able to identify the payment.

Account Name: Newtown Linford Ex-Servicemans Club
Sort Code:30-94-97
Account : 51730068

Cash: If you prefer to pay cash we can accept that too, all you need to do is place £25.00 per membership in an envelope and write your names and membership numbers on the outside. You can post it through the door at any time but it would be best if it was posted through the door on Mondays when the phones are being manned.

£15 of your membership will go to the Club to help us through this uncertain time and £10 will be waiting for you on your account when we are allowed to open.